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So very often in life we lock pain away - things we are ashamed of, traumas endured, painful words or "truths" that were imparted upon us years ago that keep us locked in a world of suffering. Physical pain can be just difficult to live with, sometimes hindering our ability to live complete full lives.  Many times these issues keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior in our current relationships.  Allow us to walk with you and redefine who you want to be - how you want to interact - how you can improve life and relationships.


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At Keyhole Counseling we believe that each of us have the power to make significant changes in our lives that will lead to stability, security, and peace.  We want to help you learn how to make healthy choices that will not only impact your life but also those of your loved ones around you.  We want you to know that you are not alone, things can get better, and you do have power to shape your future.

Keyhole Counseling & Wellness Center is dedicated to providing services to individuals, couples and families struggling with a variety of issues: Couples, Grief, Addictions, Depression, Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Physical & Emotional Abuse, and a variety of other areas to help individuals lead healthy, satisfying, and fulfilling lives.  Our Chiropractic center focuses on combining a mind and body balance for complete wellness.

Our therapists are passionate and committed to helping clients.  All therapists are unique and have different assets and tools to offer.  When selecting a therapist, do not be afraid to speak with them first; ask the questions, get a feel for their personality, and approach to counseling and wellnesss.  Make sure that this person is the right fit for you.   We want you to be successful and satisfied with your services.

Ashton Leaming

Licensed Professional Counselor

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Keyhole Counseling & Wellness Center is devoted to passionately helping those who are hurting, unlock pain and unhealthy behavior to improve life satisfaction. Often pain from the past prohibits a healthy present as well as hindering the future.  

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